• Grow your business

    Bid on quality leads. Build relationships with General Contractors

  • Grow your business with WorkMand

    Quality Leads

    Get projects you want

    Only bid on projects that you want to take on. We send projects based off your skills and what you want to bid on. Use credits to easily bid on them.

    Online Profile

    Built on trust

    Showcase your business with your online profile. Let your work speak for itself by being able to share project photos, information, documents and more!

    Relationships + Money

    Grow your business

    Communicate with GC's on our profile and We don't charge transaction or hidden fees. You simply buy credits to bid on projects and once you've won them, it's yours. Including any projects the GC and you agree to work on afterwards. Our goal is help you build relationships that lead to more work.

  • How It Works

    How to win projects and grow your business


    Complete profile

    Fill out your free profile to showcase your work and let us know what kind of projects you want


    Bid on leads

    Receive projects from general contractors to view. Use credits to bid on the projects.


    Message with GC's

    If a GC is interested, they'll start a message with you. You can communicate directly on our website.



    Once you've won the project, complete the work and build the relationship with the GC.

  • Pricing

    Free to bid on projects! We charge a 5% winners fee if you are hired for the project.